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What on earth is this potency test that has been conducted upon a controversial godman figure accused of sexual assault? How is this procedure performed upon a 72 year old? Think about it. The imagination boggles. This combination of the prurient and moralistic is a Victorian characteristic. The Indian Penal Code originated then and has made only fractional progress since. This is dangerously close to quackery. It is an incredible belief, a psychologically unsophisticated one, that one can monitor sexuality according to stimulus and response. But India is in love with ‘narco-analysis,’ injecting subjects with truth serum as investigative procedure. It is not taken seriously in any nation, quite apart from violating fundamental human rights of the UN charter, but, as always, we are the exception.


I have no opinion on the accusations.


The police say the old man did not give ‘ satisfactory answers’ during questioning. Given that Indian Law presumes you are guilty till proven innocent {no mistake here }in rape cases, it is fair to assume nobody can get no satisfaction. That this wrinkle on a fundamental principle of jurisprudence is even acceptable to Indian society at large is deplorable. But the medieval reality about ‘honor and shame’ that follows sexual assault makes it inevitable. Police of course love it. Their tireless endeavor is to expand this enchanting principle into all other sections of the penal code. Larger society is too unaware of the ghastly implications of such a legal nightmare.


Men who can afford it quietly install CCTV and tape their every meeting with members of the opposite sex. This is popular in the entertainment world. Only men are presumed capable of assault in the enduring Victorian worldview that stills animates India. Other prominent men essentially have minders, preemptive witnesses and bodyguards against an accusation of assault. Not to do so in becoming hazardous. Others go along blithely… the casting couch and sexual harassment are regarded as valuable perks of the job. Which attitude, and behavior, has led to the creation of such terrible law.



What this is doing to social intercourse, the cramping, the suspicion, the steady poisoning of the atmosphere is still to be seen over the long term. The signs are not good.



In other news the Oil Minister had an interesting suggestion to reduce costs – shut down fuel pumps between 8 pm and 8 am. As an example of well intentioned and clueless flailing about in a crisis, this is going to be hard to top, but we should trust India, it always manages to do just that.


Only in India!



This is part of a new series of posts called Only In India, which will engage with the ludicrous bizarre and fantastical reality of our beloved country.


Rohit Arya is an Author, Yogi and Polymath, being a writer, a corporate trainer, a mythologist and a vibrant speaker.  He has written the first book on Vaastu to be published in the West, {translated into five European languages} the first book on Tarot to be published in India, co-authored a book on fire sacrifice, and is the creator of The Sacred India Tarot {82 card deck and book}. He was the Editor of The Leadership Review, and on the advisory panel of Indiayogi.com, the first spiritual portal in the country. Currently he is the Director of Pro-Factor, a leadership and change facilitation corporate training outfit. He has been an arts critic and socio-cultural commentator for over two decades. Rohit is also a Lineage Master in the Eight Spiritual Breaths system of Yoga. He leads the Ka Sangha meditation group, as well as The Integral Space meditation circle each week. The videos of his talks on various subjects can be found here http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAryayogi




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